Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Proof Tea Baggers Don't Understand Debt, Lack Common Sense

Let’s say you’re out of work and owe $14000 on your credit card. You’ve cut your expenses and managed to save up $1000. Now according to tea baggers, the smartest thing you could do is hand that $1000 over to the credit card company, even though most of that will go to interest and fees, instead of principal. Instead, people with common sense (i.e. not tbaggers) would say to the credit card company, look, we need to work something out, but I can’t give you all the money I have to live on. Instead, I might spend it on training, so I can get a new job and then be able to pay some of what I owe. See, even if you’re in debt, you sometimes still need to spend money for things to get better. That’s called using your brain, instead of your tea bag, to do your thinking for you.

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